We provide arty fun creative play sessions!

Arty Tots


At Arty Tots Workshops we provide arty fun creative play sessions!

Children are naturally creative and at our classes we encourage the natural creativity that already  exists.

Our creative arts include

  • Fine Motor Activities and
  • Sensory Play

Ages: we cater for tots from 18 months to four year olds

Why children need supervision when learning:

Toddlers have growing hand control and coordination. This is developed through drawing with paint, crayons and chalk. Supervision is needed so that tots understand the right place of drawing.

Young toddlers use walls and sheets and floors and other surfaces if they are not given guidance. Toddlers love to scribble and their art does not look like much at this stage. Using muscles (fine motor activities) and discovering how this feels (sensory play) is what counts.

Toddlers love art sessions with play dough, clay, shaving cream, paint , finger painting.

Our Workshops provide a variety of art and creative activities and getting dirty is part of the fun!

“The workshop benefits children of all ages and I have seen development in students in many different areas. It’s so heartwarming to see how the tots and moms enjoy their time together and an honor to be able to teach moms how to play with their kids. It’s so much fun to learn through play.” – Valmé, Arty Tots Franchisee

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Find us on Facebook


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