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StickersAvailable from all practitioners

A simple, but effective way to teach children to learn to differentiate left from right.


  • Rhino stickers represent right side
  • Lion stickers represent left side
  • Shoe stickers will help develop independence with getting dressed.
  • Self-adhesive stickers can be placed on children's hands, computers and desks, as a useful reminder of left and right.
  • Build a child's confidence and independence
  • Easy to use, no reading is necessary
  • Designed and produced in South Africa



“The workshop benefits children of all ages and I have seen development in students in many different areas. It’s so heartwarming to see how the tots and moms enjoy their time together and an honor to be able to teach moms how to play with their kids. It’s so much fun to learn through play.” – Valmé, Arty Tots Franchisee

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